Tenderloin District

One of the most infamous areas of Lankhmar, it contains the dregs of the city. Its residents are not all poor, but most live on the wrong side of the law. Only a fool or a native of the district walks at night. Even the natives do so only in dire need.
Though mostly a residential district, there are quite a few shops. They are usually poorer places than those of the Mercantile District. The Tenderloin is the heart of the black market. It operates openly, selling its wares in shops.

Places of Interest: Sorcerers’ Guild House (6), Grand Playhouse (33), The Keyhole (34), The Silver Eel (45), Nattick Nimblefingers (46), Thieves’ Guild House (47), Squill’s Tenements (49), Double Daggers (50), Last Chance (52).


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Tenderloin District

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