Plaza District

One of Lankhmar’s most notorious marketplaces is the Plaza of Dark Delights, from which the Plaza District takes its name. By day, the plaza is an exotic market. It is the largest in the city. At night however, it undergoes a startling transformation.
In the moonlight, The Plaza of Dark Delights is a quiet and whispery place. Diffused, muted multi-coloured lights illuminate the faces of patrons who are frequently veiled or otherwise hidden. Nobody runs; the clientle shuffles or scuttles from place to place.
The wares sold at night are much more exotic and dangerous than those available during the day. Any form of drink or drug can be purchased here. Artifacts of strange gods can be found, many of which are forbidden within the city. No matter how strange a client’s tastes in entertainment, there is always someone in the Plaza of Dark Delights who will accommodate them, for a fee.
Anyone venturing here at night has a high chance of being accosted by thieves or pickpockets, for the city guards generally give the plaza a wide berth. Because of the many and varied intoxicants available here, a wide range of strange behaviour is tolerated and is no cause for comment or alarm.

Places of interest: Caravanserai (27), Bazaar of the Bizarre (28), Shrine of the Black Virgin (29), Fountain of Dark Abundance (30), The Tall Mug (76), Sword’s Gleam (80), Fellowship of Physicians Hall (89), Stonemansons’ Guild House (92), The Duke of Duckworth ( ).

Boundaries: Barter Street to End Gate Road, Carter Street to Wall Street.

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Plaza District

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