Park District

This district of Lankhmar takes its name from the infamous Park of Pleasure. This is the only park in the district; the rest of the territory is filled with the usual vendors and merchants.
Establishments along Grain Street sell goods and services for the grain merchants that cart their wares along that avenue up to the silos. Here can be found cartographers, wainwrights, and an office of the Labourers’ and Toilers’ Brotherhood.

Places of Interest: The Forge (23), The South Barracks (26), The Blue Moon (51), The Grain Gate (60), House of Snarve (81), Astrologers Consortium Hall (86), Carpenters’ Cadre House (88), Jewellers’ Guild House (95), Tailors’ Guild House (98), Wainwrights’ Guild House (99).

Boundaries: Barter Street to Great Gate Road, Grain Street to Ox Cart Road.

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Park District

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