Marsh District - "The Warrens"

Without a doubt, this is the smallest district in Lankhmar. It is also the most poverty-stricken. Centuries ago, this district was attractive and prosperous, with large well-kept buildings. Now everything is falling apart and many live on the streets. City guards are rarely seen here. Gangs of ruffians make the laws, and only a fool would walk through the The Warrens without an armed guard. Lankhmarts refer to the inhabitants of The Warrens as ‘rabbits’.

Places of Interest: Pulg’s Tavern (62), Hovel of Will and Tom Stoutly (74), Beggar’s Alley (77).

Boundaries: Temple Street not quite down to Street of the Gods, Carter Street to Wall Street south of Hazy Street, Cheap Street to Wall Street north of Hazy Street.

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Marsh District - "The Warrens"

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