Festival District

There is always a minor celebration in progress in this district, especially along Festival Street, which extends into the Park District. On major holidays the street is choked with people. Vendors crowd the sides hawking their wares. Street performers in multicoloured garb try to entice a few coins from the populace.
Of course, no festival would be complete without a full assortment of pickpockets and cutpurses. The Festival District provides a small but constant income for the Thieves’ Guild and its members.

Places of Interest: The City Market (24), The Black Rose (32), Black Nag Stables (35), The Spire of Rhan (59), Carnival Costumes (83), Animal Handlers Guild House (84), Order of Apothecaries’ Guild House (85).

Boundaries: Barter Street to Great Gate Road, Ox Cart Street to Carter Street.

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Festival District

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