Zai of House Everard

Accustomed to privilege and comfort, Zai has been thrust out of his home and society entirely against his will.


Zai of house everard





Master of Secrets

S 10  I 20  W 13  C 10  D 19  Ch 13


Zai is the last Everard, having lost his family in a rapid succession of spectacular murders.

He grew up in Quarmall, a domed twilight city state inhabited by Gray elves who lost their fae levity long, long ago. Slowly sundered from their elven cousins, who delight in the moon and in song and in the simple rustling of leaves, the elves of Quarmall indulge in hedonistic pleasures and political intrigue, pursuing power, both arcane and mundane, with a wild child’s manic ferocity. To the Gray elves of Quarmall, the other races of the world are barbaric and pathetic, crass and ugly, functional as slaves and as entertainment in their cruel and sickening parlour games.

House Everard grew wealthy trading in sorcerous clothing, specializing in exotic, magical undergarments in demand across Newhon. Zai has uncanny, deep knowledge in the craft of custom clothier. Spurred by the promise of pursing the secrets of sorcery, Zai applied an astonishing genius to achieving Master clothier status by the age of 12, and can sew subtle and wickedly playful leggings, pantaloons, hose, bustles, chemise, bras, linens, petticoats, slips, stockings, garters, codpieces, and undershirts. He can also fashion the most robust belts and slimming girdles. He had only just begun his magical training when catastrophe struck, ripping his life apart.

Zai, accustomed to privilege and comfort, has been thrust out of his home and society entirely against his will. He is still in shock. He is bewildered by the surface cultures. He is frightened by the alien and oppressive sun, but he is in awe of the moon, and of song, and of the simple rustling of leaves …

Zai of House Everard

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