In the Beginning

Second Game

Weeks of practising picking pockets and cutting purses on each other and eventually in the various markets have taught you that it is definitely easier when there is a distraction. And Dodger is telling you about one of the best distractions of the year… Admiral’s Day! “It celebrates some big victory by the Lankhmar Navy blah blah blah. Anyway, the navy and marines get free food and drink throughout the city and obviously get wasted… so, easy pickings. The celebrations spill out of Festival District… tons of street performers and the best part… the Navy puts on a reinactment of the battle so there are huge crowds in the River District watching the boats in the harbour! Fish in a barrel my friends!”
Admiral’s Day is in a couple weeks… in the mean time Dodger helps the Rabbits get to know the River District and the Districts in between… Cash, Merchantile and even Park Districts (plus in Knowledge Districts?). As a warning Dodger explains that the rooftops are the turf of the Thieves Guild. Best not to trespass up there or you might get mistaken for a Renegade or Freelance thief. The guild deals with them rather… harshly. She also introduces a tough looking dwarf named, Tosser. She said he’d had a falling out with some of his former comrades but should fit in fine with you.

The Rabbits decide to exploit Admiral’s Day by picking a down-on-his-luck-but-desperately-clinging-to-his-business’s-former-success, cobbler (named Greg Cobbler) as their mark. Recently widowed, it is known that Greg has turned to the allure of the numbing bottle. His business in (Festival or Park?)District has suffered although there are a couple wealthy families who have continued their patronage… enough that he has managed to keep his store open, live in his apartment above, and so far look after his 5 year old daughter, Alicia.

Learning that Greg had recently let his housekeeper go, the Rabbits find out who she is. Zai approaches Mable? (… think it was an ‘M’ name) with a story about really getting satisfaction from cleaning and organizing things… asking for advice on dealing with employers. A consummate professional, Mable did not divulge anything you didn’t already know but she did give Zai a recommendation to check out the Housekeepers Guild. (Zai +1 in Bluff).

More investigation (everyone should have got +1 Gather Information at this point) revealed that one of the affluent families who has continued to go to Greg’s store is the Malik’s… the family that Runton was indentured to (due to his father’s actions) but from whom he ran away.

Finally, after much discussion, the Rabbits decided upon a plan…

Gaining +1 in the skill, Runton Forges a note for Greg from the Malik’s. It grieved for his loss but offered a gift of wine, and entertainment for his daughter so he may enjoy the Admiral’s Day festivities. Gratefully accepting this from Cevik and Mauger, Greg leaves as they entertain the little girl with dancing and tumbling (plus ?). The rest of the rabbits come in and they start a thorough search of the place. Only coming up with empty bottles and a few mundane items the Rabbits start a hide-and-seek game with the little girl which leads to her opening her Daddy’s safe to hide her doll in. The Rabbits find a gem and 2 bottles of what appears to be a very, very good hard liquor of some sort.

Zai then goes to kill the girl, supported by Tosser, in fear of being recognized. The other Rabbits react negatively and Zai is influenced to let her go… Cevik pointing out that a robbery will get little attention whereas the murder of a little girl would gets everyone’s attention.

After breaking into the cobbler’s store below and pilfering some supplies the Rabbits finally exit Greg Cobbler’s abode, leaving his 5 year old daughter scared and alone.

Making their way to the River District the Rabbits find Dodger in a very merry mood. Intrigued at how they acquired such a fine bottle of spirits Dodger, with a wink and nod, says what a good job it was to find ONE such bottle and shares the other bottle with the Rabbits. The rest of Admiral’s Day was lucrative and no one had to run from the guards.



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